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You may now add to this source.

Here is your assignment IB Music 1.


  1. Using your notes from the Baroque period, update, add, augment or modify the Baroque page or pages from last year’s class. You all have your notes from the Baroque chapters from the Grout so use them as part of your work. Do NOT PUT IN YOUR LAST NAME OR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR SAFTY REASONS. TELL ME THE NAME YOU WILL USE.


    2. You will be assessed on Monday, October 29 at 6pm. I will be asking that you post/edit at least 5 items each to the page or pages. You may need to add a page to ensure that you have a space to post or to use as a subsection of the original. You may want to add a glossary of terms for the class in general to use throughout the year (just an Idea).  The point is that you take some responsibility for the website as a resource for yourself and others.


    3. Take some time to peruse the rest of the pages and find out what works and what does not when it comes to working with the WIKI.


Good Luck





Also, Please use the Source edit mode if possible... The WYSIWYG editor creates messy source code...


 IB1 Music kids:

Please do not delete the links to our wikis from last year.

-IB2 Music students.




Music 101

Terms Page

Instruments of the Orchestra:


Music History 



World Music



Group members

    IB Music Classes from 2006-2008 Inernational Academy



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