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World History

A short backround of what was happening around the world durring the Baroque period



Center of the Musical Universe


 Available <http://www.worldflags101.com/>. 5 November 2007

  • Music flourished among the rich of Italy, who had money to be patrons for musicians.
  • Certain music styles were developed in different cities.
    • Florence: Musical and Theatrical innovations.
    • Rome: Innovations in sacred music.
      • For example, the addition of instrumental music in sacred music.
    • Venice: Great advances in opera and the center of opera in the 17th century.
      • Naples became the center of opera in the 18th century.
    • Bologna: Innovations in instrumental music.


Available <http://www.worldflags101.com/>. 5 November 2007

  • Developed and maintained its own distinctive national idiom, but could not escape the influence of Italy.



Available <http://www.worldflags101.com/>. 5 November 2007

  • The 30 Years' War weakened the musical culture.
  • Generally, Germans used the Italian style of composition and performance.


The United Kingdom


Available <http://www.worldflags101.com/>. 5 November 2007

  • English musical glory declined throughout the Civil War.
  • Adopted the Italian style.




Wold Wide Politics

  • Politics were varied from democracy on one side to autocracy on the other.
  • This led to conflicts, and debates about politics between countries.
  • Some religious conflicts were resolved in France; the English-Spanish resolved; the Netherlands gained independence.
  • The autocratic power grew, which encouraged the monarchs to compete amongst themselves to have the best music.
  • Capitalism encouraged people to gain more money, which, in turn, allowed them to spend more on music lessons, performances, and compositions.


Innovations in Science and the Arts Around the World

  • Writers and artists flourished
  • Scientists grew to think for themselves, rather than accept the age-old theories
    • The world came to be seen through math, logic, and reasoning
    • Kepler discovered that the planets revolve around the sun, elliptically.
    • Galileo: laws of motion and telescopes
    • Newton, laws of gravity

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